One of the highest priorities of University Paris Nanterre is to promote its strong and well-recognised international presence in higher education. The role of the International Relations Office is to support the international strategy of the university and to contribute to the implementation of the strategic orientations defined by the University Council of University Paris Nanterre and by the International Relations Council on which are represented all the different stakeholders in the University.

In addition to maintaining the wide range of rich and diverse partnerships (more than 400 agreements with partner universities across the world), the International Relations Office seeks to target promising geographical areas, as is already the case in Asia. Establishing ties with institutions in Asia is one of the strong points of University Paris Nanterre and many of its programmes attest to its success in this area: the increasing popularity of the Confucius Institute, special partnerships with Chinese universities, the creation of the Franco-Chinese Centre at the University of Heilongjiang, academic exchanges in the field of theatre with the University of Art and Communication in Beijing, partnerships in aeronautics between the University Institute of Technology in Ville-d'Avray and the Universities of Nanking. The BRIC countries, as well as Southeast Asia and Latin America, are promising areas. It is also important to strengthen the fruitful exchanges University Paris Nanterre has in Europe and in the Americas in order to meet the expectations of our students (study abroad programmes and internships) , our academic courses (double degrees) and our existing and future partners. With respect to the European programmes, the University will also be to work with the European Office of the Université Paris Lumières Association. The development of student programmes in French-speaking countries remains a priority.

To this end, the International Relations Office works actively in the following areas for the benefit of the students, research professors, universities and partner organisations :
Creation and follow-up of international cooperation programmes and bi-lateral agreements with partner universities.
Internationalisation of academic programmes at
University Paris Nanterre in the form of joint academic courses, joint degrees and international double degrees.
Coordination of incoming students and faculty. A welcome service and dedicated support for research professors and exchange students is provided. Implementation of a support programme dedicated to short-term doctoral students (Brazilian PhD students on a “sandwich” course and doctoral students from other countries).
Coordination of outgoing students and faculty. Information and support are provided to research professors and exchange students for international cooperation and exchange programmes.
Definition of a policy for internships in foreign countries
Financial management of cooperation agreements, study abroad and the handling of grants allocated as part of the different partnership of
University Paris Nanterre.

The internationalisation of University Paris Nanterre is also supported by :
• Cooperation agreements with a wide range of recognised organisations such as CAMPUS FRANCE, EAU (European University Association), AUF (University Association for the Promotion of French Speaking), MICEFA, APA (Academic programs abroad) , CUPA Study abroad Program, UFA (Franco-German University) and others.
• An attractive and varied course programme open to international students (courses in French and in English)
• An efficient partnership with CROUS (Student Services Centre) for student housing and with the French Language Centre for Foreign Students (FETE) for French language courses.
• An extensive partnership with the city of Nanterre for the organisation of events.
• Cooperation with student associations (Nanterrasmus, AFEV) to promote programmes and events which seek to strengthen the bonds between students of all nationalities.
• Support for initiatives dedicated to improving the integration of foreign students: tutoring (through student associations), Café-Langues (Language Resource Centre) and free admission to various (cultural and entertainment) events through FETE and the Student Cultural Centre.

Finally, the active involvement of University Paris Nanterre in the Association of Higher Education and Research Institutions known as Université Paris Lumières creates many exciting opportunities for the international development of our university:
• New Erasmus Charter with a stronger connection to Université Paris Lumières
• Creation of degrees with a dedicated international focus, for example the New College for Political Studies
• More cooperation agreements, in part thanks to our partners in Université Paris Lumières

Proud of its academic accomplishments, University Paris Nanterre is committed to making the promotion of its international presence in higher education one of its priorities in the coming years.

Updated on 03 juillet 2020