Cultural activities and an active campus life campus

The Campus Cultural department (SGACAC) is responsible for promoting, developing and coordinating all activities devoted to artistic and cultural activities both on and off the university campus (artistic workshops, artist-in-residence programmes, shows and festivals related to cinema, photography, dance, theatre, music and plastic arts), especially in partnership with local cultural organisations.

The Campus Cultural department is also in charge of coordinating student activity associations and promoting an active campus life. Through the assistance it provides to student associations and student projects, some of which are financially supported by the Commission for Student Project Assistance (CAPE), the Campus Cultural department seeks to energise life on campus and enable students to express themselves and to better integrate themselves into student university life.

The Campus Cultural department (SGACAC) is based in the activity centres for which it is responsible: the Bernard-Marie Koltès Theatre (Building L), the Pierre Reverdy Exhibition Hall (Building L) and the Student Cultural House (Maison de l'Étudiant).

For information on the cultural activities calendar, please visit our website :

Updated on 14 septembre 2017