European Digital UniverCity (EDUC)

University Paris Nanterre is a member of the EDUC alliance (European Digital UniverCity), which has been selected by the European Commission among the first 17 "European universities", acting as a key higher education and research institution in European integration. EDUC is based on pedagogical innovation via teaching digital tools, to support mobility of students, teachers researchers and academic staff.

EDUC alliance in figures

• 6 universities in 5 countries (Paris Nanterre, Rennes 1, Postdam (Germany), Masaryk (Czech Republic), Pécs (Hungary) and Cagliari (Italy))
• 149,000 students
• 20,900 staff
• 5 million euros allocated by the European Union (to which will be added at least one supplement from the French government for French universities)
• Aims: general alliance with broad cooperation and mobility frameworks (students, teachers researchers, academic staff), supported in particular by digital technology
• Project coordinator: University of Postdam (Germany)


Updated on 09 mai 2023