Who we are

The University Paris Nanterre is known worldwide as one of France's leading humanities and social sciences universities, with a small butdynamic science and technology department. The institution is actively involved into global scientific networks through the research activities of the 40 laboratories, several programmes with foreign researchers and the 195 international thesis co-supervisions. More than 5,800 international students have chosen University Paris Nanterre to complete their studies, representing 17% of the student body, a third of whom are registered in doctoral programmes (2018-2019).

The university has 400 partnerships with more than 70 countries while supporting the initiatives of teacher-researchers to design its international strategy around a number of privileged partnerships involving Research and Training cooperation.

In Europe, European Digital UniverCity (EDUC), of which University Paris Nanterre is a founding member with the universities of Potsdam, Cagliari, Masaryk, Pécs and Rennes), is one of the first alliances of European universities to win the European Commission's call for projects in 2019! If EDUC is the strong basis of its European strategy, Europe is the area where there are the most and oldest partnerships, from regular exchange mobility to double degrees or Erasmus Mundus Master's degrees, which benefit from several European funding (Erasmus +, Franco-German University, etc.).

In the international level, the university tends to strengthen the cooperation in the developement of privileged partnerships with severalcountries in North America (United States, Canada), Africa (Senegal, South Africa, Ethiopia), Latin America (Brazil, Colombia) and Asia (China, Japan). In particular, it uses the tools of the Erasmus Programme to extend partnerships often initially based on research cooperation to training (study and teaching mobility which can be a forst step towards double degrees) . Several double degrees are already firmly established (e.g. law in the United States, economics in China) and others are in progress.

Finally, the university is committed to a process of a gradual improvement in the services offered to all international students. Within the International Relations Office, a Welcome Desk has been created at the beginning of the 2019 academic year. The objective is to support international students in their arrival, from practical procedures on campus to beyond (housing, healthcare, etc.) and to offer them activities, such as the Buddy System for a better integration.


Updated on 17 mai 2024