Federation of Higher Education and Research Institutions

University Paris Nanterre is a member of an Federation of Higher Education and Research Institutions known as Université Paris Lumières. The University of Paris 8 and the CNRS research institute also belong to this prestigious grouping of institutions of higher learning. The INS-HEA (special educational needs and disability studies) and ENS Louis Lumière (National Film, Photography & Sound Engineering School) as well as numerous cultural institutions of both French and international renown (Louvre Museum, National Library of France, Quai Branly Museum, Centre Georges Pompidou, National Archives, INA – National Audiovisual Institute, History and Immigration Museum, etc. ) are also part of this exceptional educational initiative. This federation is one of the leading educational and research bodies in France in the field of social and human sciences.

Find out more about Université Paris Lumières: http://www.u-plum.fr

By-laws and site contracts for members of the Université Paris Lumières

The Board of Directors of the following universities adopted the by-laws of the Université Paris Lumières COMUE (a grouping of French universities and higher education institutions): University Paris 8 and Saint-Denis (on 4 July 2014), University Paris Nanterre (on 7 July 2014) and the former PRES Centre of research and higher education. The CNRS Scientific Research Centre is also a member of this federation of higher learning.

Under the Law of Higher Education and Research, which was promulgated on 22 July 2013, French universities were required to decide how they intended to work together in the form of an Federation or Grouping known in French as a COMUE. For nearly a year the two universities have been debating the form this federation would take. In addition, they have discussed the safeguards to be included in the by-laws of the federation so that they could be applied to the member universities. Click here to read the final version of the by-laws.

On 30 October 2014, the Board of Directors of the CNRS Scientific Research Centre must decide on the adoption of these same by-laws. If adopted, the decree on the creation of the Université Paris Lumières federation will be published. The decree will also define the different direct elections of this new body in early 2015.

On 17 July 2014, the five-year contract for Université Paris Lumières will be signed by the Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research and by the three members of this Fedeation. This five-year contract will also be signed by two institutions under the authority of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research: INS-HEA (special education for the disabled) and ENS Louis Lumière. The Boards of Directors of the other universities and the former PRES Centre of research and higher education also adopted this contract. Click here to read the contract.

Updated on 14 septembre 2017