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The Welcome Desk assists University Paris Nanterre's international students with their applications for residence permits by providing them information on the procedures to be undertaken for a first application or for the renewal of the student residence permit, by indicating the documentation to be presented and by guiding them through the steps prior to submitting their application online or at the Prefecture.

First application and/or renewal of a Long-stay Visa valid as a Residence permit (VLS-TS) or Residence card with the mention "Student"

Since 17 September 2020, applications for residence permits for international students are to be filed exclusively online on the platform of the Digital Administration for Foreigners in France (ANEF).

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• List of documentation to be provided for any online application for a "student" residence permit

With the dematerialised procedure, there is no longer any issue of receipts ("récépissé"). The teleprocedure and online filing will generate several successive certificates that will justify the progress of your procedures and allow you to be in good standing:
Attestation of confirmation of filing ("Attestation de confirmation de dépôt"): this document proves that you have filed an online application for a residence permit. It does not presage a response: it is therefore not proof of legal residence and does not give you any rights associated with legal residence.
Certificate of extension of instruction ("Attestation de prolongation d’instruction"): this document can be considered as a receipt. It justifies the maintenance of all the rights open because of the residence permit previously held. If this permit allowed the holder to carry out a professional activity, this activity may continue during the period of validity of this certificate. It does not entitle the holder to any new rights. This document authorises the crossing of the Schengen area.
Certificate of favourable decision ("Attestation de décision favorable"): this document proves that your application has been successful and that your residence permit will be issued. The document indicates the duration of your residence permit and the amount of the fees you will have to pay when the permit is withdrawn.

Please note that the Prefecture will receive you by appointment and only for the delivery of residence permits. If you have not yet submitted an application or have not received a summon, there is no need to go to the Prefecture.

Reminder of the deadline for applying for a "student" residence permit (first application and/or renewal):
We remind you that it is important to send your application online several months before the expiry date of your residence permit (2 months minimum) and we ask you to comply with the provisions of R311-2 4° du CESEDA. If you fail to do so, a regularisation fee of 180€ will be automatically applied to you.

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For more information, consult our FAQ Visas and Residence permits 

Renewal of long-stay visa (VLS), long-stay visa valid as a residence permit (VLS-TS), or residence card mentioning "Talent-researcher passport"

  • Valid hosting agreement
    In the two to three months prior to the expiry of your long-stay "passeport talent-chercheur" visa, you can apply for a multi-year "passeport talent-chercheur" residence permit to extend your stay in France. Send your application to the Prefecture of your place of residence. If you obtain your residence permit, it will only be valid for the same duration as the hosting agreement, up to a limit of 4 years.
  • Completed host agreement
    You are a doctoral student registered in France for the current year and have not yet defended your thesis: you can apply for renewal to obtain a "researcher" residence permit valid until your thesis is defended. The application must be made within 2 months before it expires.
    You are not/no longer registered as a PhD student AND your employment contract has ended: you wish to obtain an extension of your stay on the basis of your acquired Pôle Emploi rights. You can obtain a one-year extension if you have been involuntarily deprived of employment. The duration of the residence permit will be equal to the duration of your Pôle Emploi rights.
    You have found a job in France and wish to apply for a change of status to "employee": you must submit an application to the Prefecture of your place of residence within two months of the expiry of your long-stay "talent-researcher's passport" visa.

  • Any application for a residence permit must be submitted between 2 and 4 months before the expiry of the valid permit.
  • Euraxess service centres throughout France provide free advice and administrative assistance to mobile researchers. Do not hesitate to contact them.
For more information, consult our FAQ Visas and Residence permits

Residence permit "job search / business creation"

Since 1 March 2019, the "APS" document (Autorisation Provisoire de Séjour) has become a residence permit with the mention "job search/business creation" valid for 12 months.

You are concerned if you are staying in France with a student residence permit and have obtained a professional licence or another diploma at least equivalent to a Master's degree, or if you are staying in France with a multi-year researcher residence permit and have completed your research work.

To apply for a "Research for employment / Business creation" residence permit:
1. You must apply for a "job search / business creation" permit before your residence permit expires.
2. As soon as you provide the required diploma, the residence permit is launched in production.
Please note that only a definitive certificate of successful completion of the diploma will be accepted to validate the application.

The "job search/business creation" residence permit authorises you to carry out any professional activity throughout its period of validity, without having to apply for a work permit.

To find out more, consult our FAQ Visas and Residence permits and the Campus France website.

Updated on 16 mai 2024