Accommodation for international students

Our Welcome Desk provides information and support to all international students arriving at the University Paris Nanterre.

Where to stay in the parisian region?

The housing situation is very difficult in the Paris region. In order to increase your possibilities, we recommend that you be flexible about your geographical location, and not limit your search to the vicinity of Nanterre (see the "Practical Life" section to find out which cities are on the lines serving Nanterre University).

How much does housing cost in the parisian region?

Accommodation in the Paris region costs a minimum of 500 euros per month (the price varies depending on the geographical area), so plan on a budget that is sufficient to house you without counting on the APL (financial aid for housing): they are not guaranteed and always take several months to be paid.

Beware of scams: never send money to a private owner. Give preference to official student residences, and professional accommodation providers, and if you want to book an accommodation for a private owner, take the necessary precautions (ask for proof of any payment you make as well as a rental contract). If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us:

When to apply for accommodation?

We recommend your to start looking for an accommodation 3 months before the start of your semester.

How to apply for accommodation?

Exchange Students

When your institution has sent us your nomination, you will receive a link to make your MoveON application online. In this form you will find a section on accommodation where you can indicate that you would like help in finding accommodation. You must fill in this form at least 3 months before the start of the semester. At the end of the application period, the Welcome Desk will contact you to inform you of the possible options.

Free-Movers Newcomers (not exchange students)

We can provide you with leads to find long-term accommodation in Ile-de-France but we are currently unable to book accommodation with our partners, whose availability is strictly limited to short and medium-term stays.


Updated on 04 avril 2024